How to book the voucher ?

It’s very simple.  You add the gift voucher to your basket by choosing the amount of a game session or a free amount.

Then you enter your contact details and specify if :

  • you wish to receive and print the gift voucher or
  • you prefer the gift voucher to be sent directly to the beneficiary by email.

The gift voucher comes in the form of a digital card.

The beneficiary will be able to book the mission of his or her choice (on the day and at the time desired). When he or she books a session on the website, all he or she has to do is indicate the code on the digital card on the second page.

Offer a unique experience to your loved ones thanks to the Défi des Ducs gift voucher!

A few reminders

The Dukes’ Challenge is located in the basement of the Hôtel des Ducs, at 5 rue Lamonnoye, in the historic centre of Dijon.

We offer 3 rooms: Black Magic, Monuments Men and The Mystery of the Castrum.

Each room is ideally played with 3 or 4 players. Nevertheless, you can offer a Dijon gift voucher for 2 people (it will be a real challenge for them to succeed in their missions) or 5 players (they will then have to communicate well with each other).

Once the reservation is made, cancellation is not possible. However, your beneficiary will be able to postpone his reservation up to 3 days before the date of his game session.

The price of the gift voucher corresponds to Friday, weekend, public holidays and school holidays. These rates are higher than those from Monday to Thursday. This is why your beneficiary will be able to book on the day and at the time he or she wishes.

The minimum age to play is 10 years old. Of course, the presence of an adult is essential. The escape game can be played with family, friends, colleagues…

A game session lasts 90 minutes:

  • A quarter of an hour to greet your beneficiary, remind him of the safety rules and introduce him to his mission.
  • One hour in the room to complete the mission
  • Fifteen minutes to debrief, share a drink (free) and take a small photo.